Designer Cakes


Every cake that comes out of the Liseybelle Bakes kitchen is unique and specifically tailored to each individual customer.

Designer cakes are not simple, they take many hours of work and as such are priced accordingly. The prices I have started are FROM pricing only. This means there can be additional costs depending upon your requests such as multiple colours, fresh or faux flowers, macarons, fruit, meringue, fondant work, chocolate work, metallic lustres, gold or silver leaf and toppers.

I will always work to your budget and will provide a quote for approval before any work begins.

Single Tiered Cakes

Single tiered cakes are perfect for all types of celebrations and comes in varying sizes. My serving sizes are based on either classic dessert wedges or the smaller coffee cake servings of 1”x 1” cuts.

Additional costs may apply based on final design.


My Slab Cakes are comprised as an Opera cake which consists of layers of Sponge (GF available), buttercream and ganache. These can them be personalised with colours, a topper, and piping detail.

Small Opera Cake $65 (serves 6 to 12)IMG_20220828_073650_214[1]

Medium Opera Cake $120 (Serves 12 to 24) 

Large Opera Cake $200 (Serves 24 to 36)

Opera Flavours – Vanilla, Raspberry Jam and Vanilla Buttercream

Almond, Coffee and Chocolate.                                   Triple Chocolate.

Pistachio, Raspberry and White Chocolate.                 Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla.


Intimate Family cake.                 From $90IMG_20211123_072718_436[1]

3 layer 5″ (serves 6-8 dessert or 12 coffee)

Small Family Cake                                      From $110

6” 4-layer, (8 – 12 dessert or 16 coffee)

Small Gatherings                          From $135

8 “ 2-layered (16 – 24 dessert  or  36 coffee )

Large Gatherings      From $170

8 “ 3-layer (24 dessert or 48 coffee)

Shaped Cakes

Flower Cake $110 to $130IMG_20220820_080135_696[1]

A beautiful scalloped edged cake in a 3 or 4 layer 5 inch diameter cake (serves 8 to 12)

Tiered cakes

Tiered cakes are two or three tiers tall and are suitable for larger celebrations from serves of 40 coffee portions (1″x1″) and upwards. Additional costs may apply based on final design.

Two tier from $400 (based on a 2 layer 8 inch and a 4 layer 6 inch cake)

Three Tier from $600  (Based on a 3 layer 8 inch, 4 layer 6 inch and a 3 layer 4 inch)

All wedding cakes booked will have a 1 hour consultation with cake samples to discuss flavours, size, and design.  Delivery and wedding cake stand hire (if required) is included in final quote.