Cupcakes, Brownies, Patisserie, Boxes and Breads



12 Standard or 24 minis $60 per box



Classic Chocolate brownie (GF available) $35 

Flavoured Brownie from $45 –

Black forest, Cheesecake (pictured), cookies and cream, Slutty, Triple Chocolate, hazelnut.




Croissants or Danish

6 Full Size or 12 mini $55                     12 full size or 24 mini Danish Pastries $110


Sweet: Almond Croissant, chocolate croissant, custard and fruit Danish, almond and fruit Danish,

Savoury -ham and cheese, spinach and Mushroom, herbed ricotta and tomato



Standard tart (serves 8 to 12) $45

Individual tarts $60 per dozen


Sweet: Lemon, French fruit flan, almond and fruit, chocolate, top deck, custard,

Savoury: Whipped goat cheese and roasted pumpkin, herbed ricotta and roasted beetroot, herbed ricotta, fetta and tomato.



12 Fresh Crullers $60

Flavours: Lemon, Vanilla, raspberry, white chocolate



Brioche Doughnuts or scrolls

12 Brioche doughnuts or scrolls

Classic donut rings  – glazed or flavoured sugar (cinnamon, rose, citrus) $80

Filled donuts – Custard, jam, caramel or ganache then glazed $90

Brioche Scrolls – Cinnamon scrolls with cream cheese icing, Nutella with hazelnut praline, Almond and apple with caramel glaze $80



12 Standard Cookies $60

12 Filled Cookies $80

Each cookie is 130 grams before baking.

Standard: Classic choc chip, Red velvet and white choc chip, Caramilk and hazelnut, Lemon, white choc chip and cranberry, Triple Chocolate

Filled: Cookies and Cream, Triple Chocolate with Nutella, Red Velvet and Cheesecake, Caramilk and Biscoff. Double Lemon


Party Box

Cheese, crackers, dip (smoked salmon or avocado), deli meats, fresh and dried fruit, cucumber and carrot sticks, home made sausage or vegetarian rolls.

Sausage roll flavours – (Char Sui pork – Shu Mai (Chicken, Prawn and Mushroom dumpling flavour) –  Roasted Pumpkin and Chicken – Spinach and 3 cheese – Mixed Mushroom and Spinach).

Small (2-4 serves) $60

Medium (6-10 serves) $105

Large (12- 16 serves) $165


Grazing Box Add Ons 

Open Sandwiches

$50 per 10 open sandwiches

Roast beef. spinach, mixed tomatoes, red onion, dijonaise

Dukkha spiced Chicken, spinach, mixed tomatoes, red onion, whole egg mayonnaise


Sausage rolls

$40 per 12 sausage rolls 

Char Sui pork – Shu Mai (Chicken, Prawn and Mushroom dumpling flavour) –  Roasted Pumpkin and Chicken – Spinach and 3 cheese – Mixed Mushroom and Spinach

Shu Mai Sausage rolls



Small Focaccia (8 to 12) $30

Large Focaccia (12 to 20) $55

6 Individual Focaccias $40

Open Individual Focaccia Sandwiches $75

Focaccia Flavours – Potato, parmesan and thyme- Tomato, basil and Olive – Tomato Chilli and shallot.

Open Focaccia Sandwich flavours – Prosciutto and rocket/spinach – Mixed Tomato, Red Onion and Spinach.




8 Bagels for $40

8 Flavoured Bagels $50

Flavours: Jalapeno and Aged cheddar – Garlic and Shallot – Cinnamon and Raisin